Our Vision

IRSÉ STUDIO is a timeless summerwear label inspired by the Mediterranean, with a purpose to create stylish, high quality & eco-friendly garments.

IRSÉ is known for its effortless sense of cool, subtle sexy feminine silhouettes & beachy vibes, that reflect our Parisian-Mediterranean roots. And yes you can be effortlessly cool & subtly sexy and still sustainable! That is our promise. 

We are a French brand, with a Spanish name, ethically made in Portugal with love, with a Mediterranean vibe.

The Story

Founded in a small apartment in the middle of Paris while thinking of far away places by Aude Petitjean, IRSÉ was born in 2021. IRSÉ means “to go, to leave” in Spanish, an invitation to travel.As a great traveller herself, she knows that travellers, just like everyone, need a multifunctional wardrobe, ideal for breakfast in the city, stroll along the beach, lunch in the jungle, visit of a fisherman village, happy hours on a rooftop for sunset or just for a classic work day.

Because the world is filled with wonderful places, we need to do everything to preserve it and to be as sustainable as we can. 

  • Our Collection

    Since day one, IRSÉ has only used sustainable fabric for the collection, such as Lyocell & Organic Cotton. 

    • Lyocell is a sustainable fabric made from wood cellulose. It is breathable fabric with a soft and smooth texture. It’s also stretchy, efficient at absorbing moisture.
    • Organic Cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. For example, for just one t-shirt in cotton, it takes 2,700 litres of water, but organic cotton only needs 243 litres of water! That is an 89% reduction in water consumption!

    We will continue the eco journey with a clear goal : offer clothes that do not hurt the planet nor the people making them.

  • Our Packaging

    Our maillers are made from 100% recycled plastics, and recyclable where soft plastics are accepted after use. Made from recycled plastics, the poly mailer gives plastics already in circulation a second life. 

    On top of that, we’ve also removed all unnecessary branded packaging from inside your parcel. 


    Our practices

    All of our garments are made in Portugal. Every piece is lovingly and ethically made by our small manufacturer near Porto, who shares our values. 

    Manufacturing closer to home means we have low C02 emissions. Yay !

  • How can you help ?

    Everyone has a part to play, here is what you can do you part for a greener fashion:- Buy pieces that you will travel with you through the years and places. The more you wear it, the better the planet will be!- If possible hand wash your garments in cold water. It will prolong the life & the colors of the garment and it is better for the planet.- When washing your garments use gentle plant based detergents.- Air-dry your clothes flat, inside out in the shade to prevent colour fading and stretching of delicate pieces, and do not use a dryer machine.